for Movie Adaptation

Uglies is the first novel of a trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. It's set a few centuries into the dystopian future where teenage 'uglies' undergo The Surge, turning them into 'pretties'. All for a perfectly peaceful world where everyone is equal and discrimination doesn't exist. Unbeknownst to the public, The Surge also gives them brain lesions which increases complacency and decreases rebellion.

I employed Fibonacci's Golden Ratio in all design aspects since the plot revolves around the idea of ultimate perfection.


Though it's only mentioned once, the white tiger orchid is an important symbol in the plot. It's a beautiful but rare flower that was genetically modified in our time in order to grow faster. Consequently, it became a weed, crowding out other species and eventually dying out because they can't be pollinated, while leaving a wasteland in their place. It parallels the society's actions of perfecting humans yet is a plan that will eventually backfire.

Leading up to its release, boards would be placed at AMC Theatres. Movie-goers would take a picture of themselves with the provided Polaroid camera and write a short caption about a feature that may be considered 'ugly' but they love regardless. Once the board is covered, a number of pictures would be randomly picked to receive tickets for exclusive screenings a week earlier. The tickets are lenticular prints, switching behind uglies and pretties.



Chelsea Tanksley, Photographer
(Post-processing by Qisha Kendy)