Trader Joe's is a specialty grocery store chain. The founder, Joe Colombe, rode on the Tiki culture fad of the 50s and 60s for which the grocery is now known for. When you walk into a Trader Joe's it feels local; the brand is warm, welcoming, and a little quirky due to it's mismatched handwritten labels. Many of their products are actually Trader Joe's brand but you wouldn't know because they all look different. This sometimes creates confusion and makes it hard for a shopper to become loyal to a specific product or brand.

Our goal was to streamline the shopping experience while staying true to the Trader Joe's brand aesthetic. Focusing on a group of products, we created a new sub-brand called Joe's Garden which includes fresh produce, juices and smoothies, and frozen fruits. New packaging labels gave a visual consistency; the labels mimicked a hand-drawn design with patterns and an organic wash of color.
The majority of Trader Joe's customers are health-oriented and are specific about what they put into their bodies. Staying healthy is difficult when you lead an active lifestyle, so The B.I.Y. Smoothie Bar targets on-the-go customers. It allows them to shop for the produce and get it blended just before they leave to run other errands.




Project by Qisha Kendy and Mike Soltis