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Hunt's Tomatoes was founded in 1888 and has always prided themselves in producing high-quality canned tomatoes. They're grown in Central California where the temperature is perfect and there's no need for pesticides or chemicals. Also, the tomatoes only takes 16 hours to go from vine to can. Hunt's' current marketing seems to focus on the brand's attributes, whereas there is a lot of untapped potential in focusing on the emotional benefits of the product.

The goal was to create stronger brand loyalty that will last through generations by creating a language that connects to consumers emotionally. This was underlined by the new tagline "Love That Grows" which comes from the insight that Hunt's is a foundational product, while solid foundations create lasting traditions. New packaging highlighted the freshness of their tomatoes, ads connected to viewers on a deeper level, and other promotional techniques aimed to implement Hunt's into the household as a source to rely on rather than just a can of tomatoes.

Hunts Tomatoes Logo.jpg
Hunts Tomatoes Logo.jpg

A simplified logo makes the brand more timeless so that it can become a classic staple in any household through generations to come.

We employed several quantitative and qualitative research methods in the form of several surveys, random taste tests, projection techniques such as personification and image associations, and dinner hopping. The dinner hops were a significant source of information; our team would visit various families and observe them as they prepared dinner at which point we would ask questions about cooking traditions that have been passed down and current family traditions.


Through extensive research we found that most people cared about the freshness of their ingredients, whereas there's a misconception that cans equal less fresh produce. By repackaging the tomatoes into jars, not only does it solve this obstacle that prevents people from picking up Hunt's, but it also makes products resealable which was something else people disliked.

The app creates a community where moms (or dads) can look up recipes posted by Hunt's as well as bloggers. Since, the target market is younger families in the making, many of them turn to bloggers whom they trust for a source of information. Users can also upload their own photos of their cooking and comment on posts.

By giving away packets of herb seeds (that pair perfectly with tomatoes), it emphasizes the brand's focus on freshness. It encourages gardening to be a family-bonding activity, and even if only a parent continues to garden it'll keep Hunt's in their minds.

Each ad targets a different sub-category of the target market. From left to right, the first targets newlyweds, the second targets young couples looking to start a family, and the last targets families with toddlers. The lettering is created with tomato sauce and paste to reflect the multi-sensory experience of cooking.


Lara Al-soudani, Art Director, Project Manager, and Designer
Qisha Kendy, Art Director and Designer
Hunter Preston, Videographer and Editor
Brian Rohrmann, Designer
Abdul Waziri, Designer